Best Char Kuey Teow place in KL and PJ

  • Best Char Kuey Teow place in KL and PJ

  • Jessica Lim

    July 16, 2021 at 3:25 pm

    Where do you think is the best place to have char kuey teow in KL/PJ?

  • Jessica Lim

    July 16, 2021 at 3:27 pm

    PSA: for those who are not familiar with char kuey teow, basically char kuey teow is a Malaysian dish that is usually made with rice noodles and lard. It’s like the country’s version of fried rice or fried noodles but has its own distinct taste, which can vary from restaurant to restaurant and family to family. Char kuey teow is also often eaten as a breakfast meal in Malaysia, although today it’s considered an appetiser or soup at many restaurants where it will usually be served with sliced fish cakes, seafood balls or vegetables. The dish was introduced by Chinese immigrants who took their culinary tradition from China during the 19th century when they began settling down in Malaysia.

  • Margaret Mia

    July 21, 2021 at 3:06 pm

    The word char kuey teow was originated from the Hakka Chinese which means to roast it over an open fire to get the best flavour out of it. To me, the best type of char kuey teow is the one where you can taste ‘wok’ -ness from the dish. I would prefer my char kuey teow cooked using wok with big flame Nerd They’re the best!

    Sister’s Place @ TTDI

    One of my favourite go-to for char kuey teow is Sister’s place @ TTDI. It is located in Persiaran Zaaba TTDI, the same row as burger king and this shop was recommended by my friend who lives there. It is a few minutes away from the TTDI MRT station if you walk. It is definitely accessible via public transport (eg, train, grab) and ample parking space there. Do take note that during lunch hour, it might be a little bit harder to find parking there. If you are coming from Damansara Utama, it is very easy to locate. Sister’s place is halal certified.

    Restoran Yong Len

    There is another famous char kuey teow nearby Sister’s Place as well. This stall is located in Restoran Yong Len. However, this stall is non- halal. Might not be suitable for those who are looking for halal place. Char kuey teow from this restaurant is a little bit pricey I would say. Around Rm10-12 for a small portion only. If you’re curious of the taste, you can go for it. I would go for this CKT if I specifically crave for it. If not, I rather go to Sister’s place due to the portion and the fresh seafood in your CKT.

  • Trent Watson

    July 21, 2021 at 3:49 pm

    Chinatown Food Centre

    Easily accessible to both options (transportation wise) and it is relatively cheap too. Located near Chinatown bus station, this food hall is always packed with people. It is also the home to many famous stalls such as “Siam Sze Poh” which sells the most authentic Thai dishes in town. You can find other dishes too here especially noodle, chicken rice, their famous porridge and many more. The last time I went here was back in 2020 so I am not too sure if it’s still operating. I used to go to Chinatown for the food and the vibe there (especially during the Chinese new year). I heard from news and friends that Chinatown is basically empty now due to covid. Sad too see many shop closed :/ The food here is mostly non-halal tho. If you’re using the train to go Chinatown, you can stop at Pasar Seni MRT/LRT station and walk to Chinatown. It’s only 5 mins away. Or you can just grab there to make things easier. But again, I am not sure if it’s still operating. Do let me know if anyone knows about the latest update of this food centre.

  • Nicolina Victoria

    July 21, 2021 at 5:37 pm

    Robert Char Kuey Teow @ PJ

    Robert char kuey teow in PJ is a place that serves one of the best Char Kuey Teow. My favourite part of this char kuey teow is its lap cheong and the savoury rice noodle. This stall is pretty famous among locals PJ lang (people) and no doubt, the taste has been consistently good over the years. I can vouch for this as his frequent and loyal customer. The stall is opposite Seventeen Mall so parking is not an issue here. If you’re looking for something similar to Penang char kuey teow, this is to the closest one you can get. This might sound like a bias opinion but I stand with what i said Rofl

    Koay Teow King @ Damansara Utama

    Koay Teow King @ Damansara Utama on the other hand is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of char kuey teow. It is one of the most famous restaurants in PJ as well and a lot of people enjoy their delicious dishes here. Not only they have char kuey teow, they also have ‘char kuey teow mee’. So instead of using ‘kuey teow’ as the noodle, they uses mee noodle instead. Mee is the thick and yellow noodle while kuey teow is white, thin and transparent noodle. At first I find it a little bit weird because using mee noodle kinda defeat the purpose of char kuey teow in general Rofl But once I tried it, it’s actually pretty good! The texture of the mee noodle actually brings a whole new experience of eating char kuey teow. If you’re adventurous enough to try this new experience, please give it a try! I think you won’t regret it at all. Cowboy

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