Best burger in the city (KL/PJ)

  • Best burger in the city (KL/PJ)

    Posted by Mariam Musa on August 27, 2021 at 3:42 pm

    The best burger in the city is a topic that has been debated on many occasions with no clear conclusion. With so many variations of burgers globally, it’s hard to pick just one favorite. Meanwhile, some people are even too lazy to go out from their homes and would rather order delivery or takeout. Luckily for those in PJ or KL, they don’t have to travel far to find the city’s best burgers. Do you guys know? where to find the best burger in the city that will satisfy my hunger and make my taste buds dance with delight.

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  • Jessica Lim

    August 27, 2021 at 3:46 pm

    I think the dispute comes when it comes to burger varieties, how can we just limit it to one country’s special burger variety? Besides the standard (or occasionally toasted) meat burger, many burger joints in the city have a wide variety of burger items that include a number of different cuts of meat or non-meat, sweet and savory. After doing some research,I did some blind taste tests on this with the exception of our top three picks (Mean Mince, Fuel Shack, and Killer Gourmet Burgers) and picked Fuel Shack, which I think is the best options for burger varieties in the city.

    • Aleeya Asri

      August 27, 2021 at 4:03 pm

      Fuel Shack

      Totally agree with @jessica The best burger in the city according to me is Fuel Shack. One of It’s outlet is located at Bukit Bintang, and it has a great variety of different burgers you can choose from which are all high quality, such as the Spicy Chicken burger which has toasted cheese, chunky BBQ sauce and jalapenos or the Smoky Bacons. Their prices are reasonable too!

  • Nasrul Haziq

    August 27, 2021 at 3:48 pm

    Chef Yip Peng Bak

    The stalls on Jalan Pending market that serves up the most authentic burger in PJ are owned by Chef Yip Peng Bak. He started the popular local burgers joint and his signature burger is a classic. It is perfect for a quick grab-and-go or even for a relaxed lunch. It has a choice of just one meat (hamburger), a side of chips or a salad. Mighty Burger/The Mighty Group Tudor Plaza, PJ. Mighty Burger has been a favourite for college students and young professionals in PJ. The main burger of theirs is Mighty Original.

  • Arianna Julie

    August 27, 2021 at 3:50 pm

    How’s it possible to talk about burgers and not to mention McDonald’s!

    I love McDonald’s. I always have a great time when I go there. The burgers taste excellent and the fries are heavenly. I usually order the Big Mac meal because the kids menu items don’t give me enough food and they are not as tasty. For me, eating at McDonald’s is an experience that only comes every once in a while because it costs too much to eat there all the time. I always tend to find myself spending more money than intended at McDonald’s so now I make sure to budget my money otherwise my parents will get frustrated with me for using all of their money on fast food.

    The best part about going to McDonald’s is the car ride. I love to listen to the radio during my drive and that is especially great when they play rap music. I also enjoy the fact that football season starts after summer ends so I can watch all of my sports games and games on TV while eating at McDonald’s. There is not really much to dislike about eating at McDonald’s.

    One of the best product of McDonald’s Malaysia that anyone will consider is the hamburger. The signature ingredient of this burger is the beef patty, and there are two types: The Quarter Pounder which consists of a beef patty with two slices of melted cheese, and the Fillet-O-Fish which comes with a fillet fish patty and tartar sauce.

    The Hamburger Deluxe also consist of a beef patty but it has some added toppings like bacon, mustard, onions and lettuce. It can also have cheese or grilled onions added as well. This burger is priced at RM. 8.50 and is found at all McDonald’s outlets in Malaysia.

    Their second best product according to me is the Fillet-O-Fish. The Fillet-O-Fish was first introduced to Malaysia in 1985. The Fillet-O-Fish is mainly made up of a wheat bun, with a fillet fish patty and tartar sauce. It can also have cheese or grilled onions added as well. Priced at RM. 8.50, it is sold at many outlets in Malaysia and is one menu item that many Malaysians have grown up eating since its introduction to the market in 1985.

    The third product that we have to discuss is the McSpicy. This product was introduced to the Malaysian market in 1993. The signature ingredient of this burger is the beef patty and there are other types of burgers available: The Chicken McSpicy (which consists of a chicken patty, green leaves, mayonnaise, two types of sauces and pineapple chunks), Fillet-O-Chicken (which is made up of a wheat bun with a batter chicken patty, American cheese and honey ham) and Spicy BLT (consists of some lettuce, crispy bacon strips and mayonnaise).

    • Sarah Ismail

      August 27, 2021 at 3:53 pm

      Fette Sau’s

      I think we should support our local burger joints other than these international giants, There’s no better place to grab a burger that’s raw and tasty than Fette Sau’s, which is a hidden gem not many people know about. With its clean and elegant design and atmospheric atmosphere, you won’t regret ordering their burgers. The burger menu here consists of 6 burgers served from 4 different varieties and priced between RM18-RM28, excluding taxes. If you choose the Double King Burger, you’ll get 2 beef patties and 2 slices of bacon sandwiched between 2 pieces of french fries on a brioche bun. For something completely different, you can also order the Di Hock Hock Burger. You can’t go wrong with their crispy fried prawns piled with meaty ground chicken pieces on a mushroom and onion bun.

  • Tony Looi

    August 27, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    Cafe-Bistrot David

    At this point, everybody would know about Darren Chin and his two signature restaurants in TTDI: DC Restaurant just as Bref by Darren Chin. In any case, did you knew he has a third café? While not altogether his, Cafe-Bistrot David is a creation between both Darren and his father, David. Fun truth: David Chin is the organizer of the mainstream nearby diner chain, Dave’s Deli back in 1989. Expect solace food on a more amazing scale here as both Darren and David don’t do anything midway. Culinary specialist Bistrot David additionally does conveyance through its site with an entire menu committed to it. While it for the most part serves pies, some sandwiches advance onto the menu like the Classic Reuben on Sourdough. Be that as it may, in case it’s a burger you’re searching for, look at the New CBD Wagyu Burger (no, it doesn’t contain any CBD). All things considered, it utilizes 100% premium Australian Wagyu with dark truffle mushrooms among different fixings. Snap the connection beneath to look at its full menu and request away.

  • Manpreet Kaur

    August 27, 2021 at 3:56 pm


    The best burger joint in PJ is Morbites Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Their most popular burger was the Double Hail Caesar, which was a thick burger patty made from freshly ground buffalo meat and cooked to perfection. Their prices are a bit higher than most of the burger joints but they have very good burgers.

    Uniquely-crafted vegan burger

    Every single ingredients of the Morbites vegan Beyond burger are vegan friendly (dissimilar to other burger joints around who did a worthless try with their Beyond burger).

    The Beyond patty, the buns, the vegan cheddar, guacamole, salsa… It’s a truly tasty combo for vegans who are close by.

    In spite of the fact that Morbites is a non-vegetarian foundation, the group is chipping away at presenting more vegan choices and has substantiated itself commendable in ensuring that a vegan items they serve is truly vegan. Ideally, they’ll go vegan soon (as in a 100% plant-based menu). Fingers crossed.

    Pros: Vegan burger is absolutely vegan amicable., Delicious and novel combo., Near Vegan District, so convenient for vegans.

    Cons: Not a vegan establishment (pls go vegan). , Newly-opened in 2021, so still a work-in-progress.

  • Chunga Ailee

    August 27, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    Zouk Cafe Bar

    Another place for good burgers that are a bit more expensive is Zouk Cafe KL – their most popular one is the Zouk Chicken Satay Burger which is filled with the usual burger fillings and topped with fried shallots along with delicious Satay. They also have good sides of fries, onion rings, tater tots which are all a must try.

  • Vanessa Therese

    August 27, 2021 at 4:06 pm


    KFC is my favorite burger Joint. I like KFC because it has a flavor that other burgers don’t have. It has spices that are different from what you might expect in a burger.

    There are many reasons why I like KFC and one of the main reasons is because it stands out compared to most other types of burgers at restaurants. There is such limited variety when it comes to fast food restaurants, that they tend to all taste the same after awhile. That’s not how KFC tastes at all – there’s always something new and exciting in every bite you take!

    KFC is a national chain, so there are many locations – making it easy to eat out. You can find a location almost anywhere you go. And with their drive thru, it’s easy to get your favorite food without ever leaving the car. And let’s face it, when people have to get food on the go, they want fast service. No one wants to spend 20 minutes waiting for a burger!

    KFC also offers healthier choices than other fast food restaurants. KFC’s grilled chicken is one of their healthiest options. Not only is it healthy, it tastes delicious! You can have a healthier meal at KFC than you can at many other fast food restaurants.

    KFC is also one of the most affordable places to eat compared to other fast food restaurants. It’s extremely affordable compared to eating out at things like steak places, and it’s much better quality than other restaurants.

    Another thing that I really like about KFC is that if you get chicken strips, you can customize them in many different ways. You can get them with gravy or with honey mustard sauce, and add hot sauce if you want.

    In general, KFC is a great choice for people who like fast food – it’s so different from many other types of food that you might be used to. It would be hard to find any type of restaurant that has such variety in all of its foods while keeping the prices so low. You really can’t beat the savings!

    The best part about KFC Malaysia is that, Throughout the years, the Malaysian government has tried to curb overuse of resources by promoting wider consumption of foods like vegetables and fruits instead of meat products from animals such as poultry and fish.

    In order to encourage a more healthy diet for its consumers, the restaurant offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian items on its menu such as chicken burgers, salads, wraps, pasta dishes, pizza slices and more. They also have other healthier options available on their menu such as apple pie without cheese, fruit cups, chocolate and milk shakes, and fresh juices.

    The best KFC Burger according to me is KFC’s Zinger Chicken Sandwich highlights includes a chicken breast filet double handed breaded and deep fried day by day at each KFC outlet. It’s presented with lettuce and mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun. despite being a new sandwich, there isn’t a very remarkable feeling of newness to the Zinger given the natural blend of a breaded chicken filet, lettuce, and mayo yet this shouldn’t imply that there weren’t some charming amazements. In width, the Zinger is just somewhat bigger (or equivalent to) the distance across of a lesser sandwich or cheeseburger. Be that as it may, the chicken breast filet was exceptionally thick and surprisingly delicious. There was a bit on one side where it tightened to a dainty tail however yet the center bites were really substantial. The breading on it was light, fresh, and flaky. Flavor-wise, the filet offered a fiery and zippy blend touched with a bit of warmth. The zestiness matches what you’d find in a McChicken or KFC’s own Hot Wings, or, in other words it’s fairly gentle. The lettuce gives off an impression of being a mix of ice sheet and romaine, which was adequate for an intermittent light freshness. The mayo was utilized with some restraint, which I very much want over gobs of it attempting to get away from my sandwich. The bun was really delicate and soft absent a lot of flexibility. It helped me a great deal to remember cut white bread and it essentially shape itself to the chicken and your fingers when you get it. It felt a bit more fundamental contrasted with the new pattern of more brioche-like buns yet I’m totally fine with that. In general, the KFC Zinger was very delicious and fills a hole in the KFC menu. It’s been some time since I recall them offering a zesty sandwich of any sort regardless of whether it’s simply gently so. I particularly l partook in the circumference and kind of the chicken filet.

  • Puteri Faitlia

    August 27, 2021 at 4:08 pm

    My Burger Lab “The Bomb”

    My Burger Lab’s “The Bomb” Burger is the best because according to me there are the individuals who can’t survive without favourite salty foods, and there are other people who have sweet tooths so extreme you begin considering how they keep up with their figure. And then there are the individuals who need their suppers to do one thing for them, be fiery.

    i tell you it is best for those individuals who have can’t eat their noodles without cili padi, or consistently need to have extra sambal with their nasi lemak, or think the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe is the lone burger made to take into account your masochistic tastebuds, The Bomb is made for these types of people i think.

    With a liberal measure of myBurgerLab’s mainstream hot Red sauce under their particular cheddar meat patty, some sriracha hot sauce, onion rings and a just right egg held together by a newly baked bamboo charcoal bun, The Bomb will be a hit with the individuals like me who need something somewhat fiery (fluctuates with people, some of my friends have said that The Bomb is dangerously hot, and others have said it’s ‘alright lah’).

    While it’s no challenger to the zestiness Samyang’s Spicy Chicken Noodles, this burger ought to be on your rundown of burgers to attempt straightaway on the off chance that you essentially worship fiery food sources.

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