Reply To: AirBnB Rental Rates in SF

  • Margaret Mia

    November 20, 2019 at 4:34 am

    To answer your questions, there are several aspects that you should look out for:

    1. Room size

    2. Proximity to other attraction places

    3. Time of the year

    4. Current rental rates around you

    The list above is not exhaustive so I encourage you to do more researching. But from my understanding, you should probably check out how others around you are currently pricing their own places. Also, you may want to look into providing discounts (for longer stays, off-season, initial posting period) so customers are more interested in your properties. On top of that, based on my experience travelling abroad, Airbnb in Downtown SF can range from $70 to an astounding $500 per night! So, definitely check out how your place rank compared to other Airbnb places around you. Hopefully, that helps! SmileySmiley

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