Reply To: Best burger in the city (KL/PJ)

  • Arianna Julie

    August 27, 2021 at 3:50 pm

    How’s it possible to talk about burgers and not to mention McDonald’s!

    I love McDonald’s. I always have a great time when I go there. The burgers taste excellent and the fries are heavenly. I usually order the Big Mac meal because the kids menu items don’t give me enough food and they are not as tasty. For me, eating at McDonald’s is an experience that only comes every once in a while because it costs too much to eat there all the time. I always tend to find myself spending more money than intended at McDonald’s so now I make sure to budget my money otherwise my parents will get frustrated with me for using all of their money on fast food.

    The best part about going to McDonald’s is the car ride. I love to listen to the radio during my drive and that is especially great when they play rap music. I also enjoy the fact that football season starts after summer ends so I can watch all of my sports games and games on TV while eating at McDonald’s. There is not really much to dislike about eating at McDonald’s.

    One of the best product of McDonald’s Malaysia that anyone will consider is the hamburger. The signature ingredient of this burger is the beef patty, and there are two types: The Quarter Pounder which consists of a beef patty with two slices of melted cheese, and the Fillet-O-Fish which comes with a fillet fish patty and tartar sauce.

    The Hamburger Deluxe also consist of a beef patty but it has some added toppings like bacon, mustard, onions and lettuce. It can also have cheese or grilled onions added as well. This burger is priced at RM. 8.50 and is found at all McDonald’s outlets in Malaysia.

    Their second best product according to me is the Fillet-O-Fish. The Fillet-O-Fish was first introduced to Malaysia in 1985. The Fillet-O-Fish is mainly made up of a wheat bun, with a fillet fish patty and tartar sauce. It can also have cheese or grilled onions added as well. Priced at RM. 8.50, it is sold at many outlets in Malaysia and is one menu item that many Malaysians have grown up eating since its introduction to the market in 1985.

    The third product that we have to discuss is the McSpicy. This product was introduced to the Malaysian market in 1993. The signature ingredient of this burger is the beef patty and there are other types of burgers available: The Chicken McSpicy (which consists of a chicken patty, green leaves, mayonnaise, two types of sauces and pineapple chunks), Fillet-O-Chicken (which is made up of a wheat bun with a batter chicken patty, American cheese and honey ham) and Spicy BLT (consists of some lettuce, crispy bacon strips and mayonnaise).

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