Reply To: Roadside food: Apam balik

  • Luna Stella

    August 26, 2021 at 4:35 pm


    1.) The most common toppings for apam balik are grated coconut, brown sugar, and sliced banana. Other savoury variations include sardines, and fried egg with onions. In recent times some stalls also offer ice cream toppings such as chocolate syrup or chocolate sauce to create an ice-cream apam balik variant.

    2.) A variant of apam balik called Sa-pek Balik is popular in Perak. This type of apam balik uses tomato ketchup as its topping instead of the traditional grated coconut. Sa-pek balik is also known as a laab ketumbar or toh payoh (toasted sardines).

    3). The best toppings for Apam Balik are the garnishes that accompany it: fried shallots, fried garlic, and chopped scallions. There are also many other toppings that you can add to the dish. I like to make my own croutons of french bread. These would be great for Apam Balik.

    4.) A lot of variations are possible, including adding roast peanuts or fried onions as topping. But one thing uncommon is that Apam Balik served in Malaysia and Singapore usually contains egg.

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