Reply To: Roadside food: Apam balik

  • Angelina Kirai

    August 26, 2021 at 3:22 pm

    Fadir Mohd Yusof Apam Balik

    This is definitely one of the greatest find right at this food centre. There is always a crowd right in front of this stall. And, Furthermore, it isn’t hard to tell that these individuals are their normal customers. They are unquestionably the enthusiast of the flavorful peanut pancakes by this stall. A set of pancake which consists of 5 pieces is only at RM 2.50. On the off chance that you wonder, this is the only thing accessible right at this stall. A layer of margarine applied to the pancake before served to enhance its taste further.

    The texture of the pancake has got a delicateness and perceptible dampness. It didn’t taste especially sweet with a fairly slight eggy taste. The filling consisting of grounded peanuts and sugar is definitely of good amount. The grounded peanuts has got the distinctive fragrant with a well-balanced sweetness. They are usually sold out before 2 pm. Be there early to avoid disappointment. This is definitely the ideal choice for breakfast or just for in between meals snack. A distinct should attempt on the off chance that you end up being there.

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