Reply To: Street food culture: Malaysia Edition

  • Charles Tan

    August 23, 2021 at 2:23 pm

    5 Ways to Eat Street Food Safely

    1) Avoid raw vegetables and fruit; they should be cooked first or peeled. Raw apples or pears are often coated in dangerous pesticides to prevent them from being eaten by animals when growing on trees, but this may not always be visible from afar and can lead to health problems if consumed.

    2) Wash your hands before eating. Not only will this keep you from getting sick, it will also remove any germs that may be contained in the street vendor’s food.

    3) Try street food only once or twice a week. If consumed too frequently, the health benefits of fresh food from a street vendor will disappear quickly and can lead to many health problems such as high cholesterol and weight gain.

    4) Always buy food from experienced vendors. These usually include people in good physical condition who know how to cook and keep their food clean, which is more important than looks when it comes to street food.

    5) Avoid eating any “street” or “pulut” meat (raw meat).

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