Reply To: Street food culture: Malaysia Edition

  • Puteri Faitlia

    August 23, 2021 at 1:18 pm

    A very popular street food that originated from the Indians and locals of Malacca are the Nyonya Mee which are a type of noodle soup that has been made by smearing pieces of rice flour on a flat surface and then stirring in eggs, meat or fish mince as well as various vegetables such as slices of carrots and turnip. The word “nyonya” comes from the Nyonyas, the women’s society that allowed Chinese women to migrate to Malacca.

    The ingredients used for this dish are usually cooked in a large wok, but smaller utensils can be used for this dish at home. Similarly, the nyonya mee can also be enjoyed with other fragrant Malaysian dishes such as laksa and satay.

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