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  • sonia

    August 23, 2021 at 1:08 pm

    Pani Puri

    Pani puri is a popular street food that is typically sold by vendors as they walk along the streets. It is made from a mixture of white rice, chickpea flour, and lentils powder which is then deep-fried. The pani puri batter for this particular type of recipe can vary based on the recipe and what ingredients are used in it. It usually includes turmeric and coriander leaves. The mixture is then arranged in a bowl and a ball of the same mixture is placed in the center. The bowl is then filled with water causing the pani puri to expand. At this point, a small bowl filled with tamarind chutney is added directly on top of the pani puri bun and it is eaten as it is without any other accompaniments.

    Pani Puri consists of fried chaat items such as bhajias (deep fried dough balls), pani puri (fried puris made from wheat flour) and litti-chokha (deep fried fritters). Normally, the gol guppi is sold in small paper cone-like cups. The gol guppi is eaten by dipping it into a bowl of spicy water made from tomato sauce and chili powder. Once the gol guppi is fully soaked with this water, it is eaten as a snack.

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