Reply To: The most authentic Korean BBQ around KL/PJ?

  • Vanessa Therese

    August 9, 2021 at 1:40 pm

    Han Woo Ri

    When I heard the name “Han Woo Ri”, I immediately thought of a Korean BBQ restaurant. However, when mentioning the word “Korean,” some people’s minds wander to the world of spicy, deep-fried meats and pork bone soup. If you have ever been disgruntled by a dining experience where you were served only traditional Korean dishes with little variety in your order, then you may be interested in Han Woo Ri; a Korean BBQ restaurant that combines both cultural influences into their delicacies. Han Wo Ri has been serving authentic Korean cuisine since 2005 and has several outlets throughout KL and PJ as well.

    The outlet that I visited is located right in front of Klook Mall, which makes it easy to find and also ensures its popularity among customers at Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). This eatery offers something for everyone by appealing primarily to the younger crowd of Malaysians. A variety of side dishes and beverages is offered to enhance the dining experience and paint a fuller picture of traditional Korean cuisine.

    Besides the casual dining setting, I was impressed by an array of authentic Korean dishes that were on display to us from the entrance. We were served with a selection of kimchi (made from green cabbage) and banchan (side dishes), as well as two different types of noodle soups: soondubu and udon.

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