Reply To: The most authentic Korean BBQ around KL/PJ?

  • sonia

    August 5, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

    Daorae Korean BBQ is a Korean BBQ restaurant and they have several branches located in both PJ and KL. In Korean restaurants, they usually start with “small side dishes”. In Dorae, they offer different kinds of banchan (side dishes or small dishes) and these are typically lettuce, thinly sliced radish, rolled rice cake, and cucumber topped with soy sauce, anchovies, kimchi and many more. Dorae Korean BBQ is famous for its Kimchi Bibimbap as well due to its authentic taste. The Kimchi Bibimbap contains cabbage and tofu sauteed in soy sauce and garlic, then mixed with rice cakes and cooked with sesame oil. Price-wise, about RM120 for 2 pax and they have a variety of meat to choose from. My experience was they will cook for you instead of you grilling the meat on your own. Their shop will have its own smoke tunnel for each table so you won’t feel too hot in their restaurant because the air is well ventilated.

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