Reply To: What is the best dining experience you've ever had?

  • Catherine Yang

    August 5, 2021 at 1:38 pm

    To me, dining at one of the famous omakase in KL was the best experience I ever had. Omakase is basically fine-dining for Japanese food. The famous restaurant is called “Sushi Oribe” and it is a very popular sushi destination located in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant offers tasty and fresh fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Guests can either enjoy their meal in a private dining room or at the counter bar where they will be served with outstanding food and live cooking action. Sushi Oribe restaurant also works with their partner companies to provide guests with tips on how to pair Japanese wine that matches perfectly to all of the dishes they are offering on their menu.

    Sushi Oribe Restaurant definitely left an amazing experience for me and my friends. “We create a one of a kind dining experience for our customers by providing them what is necessary for them,” said Chef Naoya Kawasaki of Sushi Oribe, the one who cooked for us that night.

    Everyone at Sushi Oribe takes pride in their food and services and continue to strive for the best performance every single day. They believe in the quality and taste of their food while also being very passionate about cooking. Through this passion, they want to share their meals with everyone and are determined to make all of their customers happy. Being able to share your meal in an incredible way is one reason that Sushi Oribe offers the experience we call “one of a kind dining experience” that set it apart from other restaurants. The experience demystified the difference between Sushi Oribe Restaurant and other sushi restaurants.

    I had the pleasure of experiencing it while I was in KL visiting my friends. Upon arrival at Sushi Oribe, a waiter greeted us and escorted us to our seats. The atmosphere was very relaxed, casual, and laid-back. As we took our seats, Chef Naoya Kawasaki from Sushi Oribe restaurant has been passionate about cooking since he was 7 years old. He started working at Sushi Oribe Restaurant almost 8 years ago when he was 26 years old. Chef Naoya loves to cook fresh fish and pair it with wine from Japan. For those who wanted to try the omakase experience for the first time, I highly recommend Sushi Oribe Restaurant to start with. You would not be disappointed with the food and most important this is, the experience.

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