Reply To: How many types of Laksa are there?

  • cher

    July 13, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    Can’t forget the mighty Sarawak laksa!! Sarawak laksa is a spicy, sour and fishy soup with a very white thin noodle. The two most prominent ingredients are the noodles and the broth which ranges in flavour from spicy and piquant with tamarind juice or chilli sauce, to milder with coconut milk. Belacan is the special ingredient here as the Sarawakian enjoys belacan, especially in their laksa. You can opt to now mix it tho if you’re not a fan. Prawns, diced chicken and egg omelette are also part of the laksa’s toppings. The toppings really compliment the overall taste of the laksa. The soup is usually served at room temperature but laksa-lovers usually agree that it tastes better when piping hot.

    If you’re visiting Kuching one day, do visit Golden Arch cafe and try their laksa. It’s the most authentic laksa I’ve ever had so far. To find Sarawak Laksa in KL and PJ, do try aunty Christina’s laksa at Sea Park PJ! Their laksa is the best laksa i had so far in west Malaysia.

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