Reply To: Colors and Spaces

  • Margaret Mia

    November 20, 2019 at 4:41 am

    I agree with what Mariam mentioned above. Personally, it is all up to your taste and liking, but remember to always BALANCE THE COLOURS! It really sets the tone of the space and the associated emotions that come with it. You might want to avoid “perfecting” the colour scheme as it can look very generic and “unnatural”. Maybe choose the same colour palette but vary the colour intensity? Also, while accenting is a great idea, you should not overdo it. Try to mix things around and sort of spread the colour scheme. That would continue to capture the attention of the occupants instead of focusing on just one section of the room.

    Also when it comes to furnishing, may I add that less is more, even when you are dealing with large spaces. You don’t want everything to be crammed up. No matter how big your space is, the more you fit in, the less breathing space you will end up with. This can cause unease since you start feeling anxious when you are in that area. 

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